Department of Precision Farming and Agricultural Digitization

Department of Precision Farming and Agricultural Digitization

Last modified: 09. February 2024

Department of Precision Farming and Agricultural Digitization (KITE)

The primary task of the Department, which was founded in 2022 and was the first in the country to deal with precision farming and agricultural digitization, was to supplement specialized research with a site-specific approach, organically connected to the previous research of the Institute of Agronomy. One of the Department's tasks is to introduce site-specific, data-based farming practices to the entire Institute in accordance with the dictates of modern agriculture. The precision farming approach - which, in the case of field crops, strives to increase the efficiency of crop production by adapting to the conditions of the place of production, with the help of site-specific interventions, keeping in mind the expectations of environmental protection and sustainability - can only be mastered at the appropriate level if the decision-making processes include data collection, we do it with the appropriate spatial perspective.

The aim of the Department of Precision Farming and Agricultural Digitization is to embed the approach that utilizes precision technologies in education in addition to the research tasks carried out at the Institute, and with the introduction of agricultural GIS, it lays the foundation for the education of farming practice based on data within the subjects taught by the Institute.