About the Institute of Agronomy

About the Institute

Last modified: 09. February 2024

About the Institute

One of the defining Institutes of the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences is the Institute of Agronomy, which has nearly 100 employees and provides educational and research tasks on 5 Campuses. The Institute's major course is Agricultural engineering B.Sc., which takes place in Gödöllő, Gyöngyös, Kaposvár, Keszthely and Szarvas. The Institute is also in charge of the M.Sc. in Crop production engineering, Special major in seed production and in the Higher education vocational agricultural training course. The Institute has a wide range of domestic and international corporate connections, thereby helping the emergence of marketable, quickly adaptable, and practical specialists in the agriculture.

One of the goals of the Institute of Agronomy is to train professionals with practice-oriented and up-to-date knowledge who promote the sustainability and competitiveness of agriculture, who can stand their ground even at the international level. Other goals include the establishment of professional collaborations with international and domestic research centers and higher education institutions, as well as the promotion of the active involvement of young teachers and researchers.

The Institute's task is to provide comprehensive plant science knowledge that includes all aspects of modern plant cultivation. This includes the transfer of theoretical and practical knowledge of plant physiology, botany, plant ecology, agronomy, which is the basis of crop production in the field, from basic knowledge to the acquisition of skill-level practice in accordance with international trends.

Structure of the Institute

Department of Botany

  • Szent István Campus
  • Budai Campus

Department of Agronomy

  • Georgikon Campus
  • Szent István Campus
  • Kaposvári Campus
  • Károly Róbert Campus

Department of Plant Physiology and Plant Ecology

  • Szent István Campus
  • Budai Campus
  • Georgikon Campus

Department of Precision Farming and Agricultural Digitization

  • Szent István Campus
  • Károly Róbert Campus

Major international relations and cooperation of the Institute

  • Adama Hungary Zrt.,
  • Agrár-Béta Kft.
  • Agrobio Hungary Kft.
  • Agromag Kft.
  • Agroszen Kft.
  • Agrova Kft.
  • Axereal Hungary Kft
  • Bayer Csoport
  • Bio-Nat Kft.
  • Bonafarm csoport
  • Consul Trade 2002 Kft.
  • Corteva AgroScience
  • Euralis Kft.
  • Faculty of Agriculture and Biotechnology,UTP University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz, Poland
  • FMC-Agro Hungary Kft.
  • Hungrana Kft.
  • Justus Liebig Universitate, Giessen, Németország
  • KWS Magyarország Kft.
  • Magyar Egészségügyi Gázmesterek Szövetsége
  • Magyar Növényvédő Mérnöki és Növényorvosi Kamara
  • Marton Genetics
  • Natur-Agro Hungary Kft.
  • Nitrogénművek Zrt.
  • Péti Nitrokomplex Kft.
  • RAGT Vetőmag Kft.
  • Servicio de Sanidad Vegetal, Consejería de Medio Ambiente y Rural PAyT Mérida, Badajoz/Spain
  • Syngenta Magyarország Kft.